Open letter to Failure

Dear failure,

Well you aren’t really dear to me. But the way you have been sticking to me in the past few months, looks like I’m very dear to you though.

There was a time when we barely knew each other. I had a different gang of friends back then, remember? There was Joy, Satisfaction, Hope and my bestie Optimism. I frequently hanged out with your friend Dissy a.k.a Disappointment but had never really met you. And then suddenly one day you came in front of me, just starting blankly into my eyes. Hope told me to just ignore you and I promptly brushed you aside. I hadn’t thought about you since then for a few years, even Dissy wasn’t around much to remind me of you.

The next time you came to meet me, there was a travel bag in your hand. You stayed in the town for a few months. I must have met you just twice or thrice though. But your archenemy Success had become quite close to me by then. So you left town and I was sure that was goodbye.

Success and I had a gala time for few months. Dissy came sometimes spoiling a few party nights but mostly it was fun. And even when Dissy just kept knocking at my door asking me to let her in, I would just call Optimism over phone and soon joy would join in. 

But this was just the calm before the storm. You just walked into my town one day and this time you had many bags and a large suitcase. Dissy had told you stories from my life and you had used them to get closer to me. But you knew that wouldn’t be enough to live in my house. So you started getting involved in my life. After all success was no longer my friend. This made you stronger and you just took over my love life. I was helpless and cried for help. 

My first idea was to call Prayers. I was sure she would make you go away but you stayed unperturbed. In fact you even moved to my room from the kitchen. I missed my old gang. Since you had started living with me, Joy and Satisfaction never came home. Hope and Optimism called me once in a while and kept my spirits high. 

After a while, I guess you were bored sitting at home all day. You followed me to my workplace one day. You just loved to there, didn’t you? Cause then you kept coming everyday. I realized this was getting dangerous and hired Hard work at the workplace. But you are so clever, you brought in your friends pessimism and worries, and made Hardwork resign.

And talking about the present, we are closer than ever before. We are always together and hangout all the time, you are quite possessive though making everyone else stay away. I couldn’t even find Optimism’s number the other day, I’m quite sure you threw it away! Now it’s just us, me and you, and occasional visits from your friends Jealousy, Sadness and Dissy. You have no plans of ever leaving my side, do you? 

I better go now. Sadness said she is gonna be here for dinner. I have to go dress my worst, you are such a pro at it. I seem to be picking up well!

-Forcefully your friend



Open letter to my crush

Dear crush,

A constant sadness, a disappointment is pulling me down every second, the dissatisfaction of not getting what I need, the hopelessness about the future, this is my current situation.

Current is an interesting term. It not only denotes the present, a given time, it also denotes a continuous flow, something I’m constantly feeling nowadays. Amidst all this negativity, the pathos, the absence of any progress, the uninteresting tomorrows, suddenly there is a current of attraction in my life. Attraction towards someone known, and yet unknown. The heart suddenly beating faster, a growing desire to catch a glimpse, an even stronger desire to grab your attention, the constant hope to meet, to talk, to walk together, the bold attempts to touch, an innocent throwing of my hands on your shoulder, a simple brush against your arms, dropping hints on what I like, probing you for your likes, your goals, your life in short. Always have been on the receiving end of a proposal, I never knew just how hard it was. To feel so strongly for someone, and just not do anything about it at all. I’m waiting for a small gesture, few words, or maybe just a call that tells me this is mutual or just something that shows there is some hope for me after all. With all the pessimism surrounding me, and an accepted fact of my dull and unappealing appearance, this seems like an one way street, an imaginary world where only I live, and you’re here unaware of my dreams of a beautiful tomorrow with you. And yet deep within, a hope exists, a hope that keeps this kindled flame alive, the flame that’s messed up my current to more than I can bear. This flame must be extinguished for there is so much to do already. The flame just pulling me back even more! But if only the flame kindled within you too, ah! Then everything would become easy, you would make me work, finish every task, face every problem with a smile. You would truly complete every incomplete aspect of me. But how do I kindle the flame in you or at least blow off the flame raging within me.


The one falling for you

Open letter to my best friend

Dear ‘bestie’,

Amidst all the problems and the troubles that life keeps throwing,

I never realized how comforting your presence has been.

Uncertainties made me nervous, rejections hurt me so bad,

Without your shoulders to rest on, life would have been so sad!

It’s funny how we travel through weeks and months without talking,

But for every pit and bump in the road, I come to you running.

You ask me to choose Giraffe names while I’m confused choosing a spouse,

I just smile reluctantly while you rave about the latest conversation with your ex and the feelings it arouse.

You have been there, watching me make bad choices, supporting through the repercussions, never judging or demanding,

Here’s hoping we shall always stay this way!

-always your friend

Open letter to my ex

Hello darling,

In case you didn’t realize! It’s my birthday today. I don’t expect you to wish me and well you have 22 hours to prove me wrong. That shouldn’t be too hard! You have proved me wrong a hundred times, haven’t you? Let’s not get bitter, after all it’s my birthday.

As I lay here on my bed, I think of my first birthday we spent together. How you were considering to visit your parents that weekend and my very obvious anger had changed your plans! Birthdays weren’t such a big deal to you, you had said. An excuse I can still not accept. But you did make that birthday special. You cooked something sweet and fed me like I was a baby. I remember asking you for a gift and you had sent me to the adjacent room only to find a book from my favorite author. For a non-reader like you, remembering his name was a real feat. No fancy wrappers, no tiered cake, no crowd of cheering friends. It had just been you and me in that little apartment.

The next birthday had been quite the same. Just you and me, a little trinket as a gift that I still hold dear and a blog you created for me to showcase my talent to the world. We had both forgotten the site address in a few weeks!

The last birthday I spent with you was surely the most special. You had actually planned the day for us, I was so surprised cause we had already broken up! Boating across that lake holding hands without thinking of our fate, having lunch in that fancy place, holding you tight I sat behind you on that bike. That evening I was pretty sure I had won you again! But I was naive, I tried to test my new found faith and failed. You scolded me but I begged you to forgive and attempted to make some space for me again. And then I did that again and again, until that one day when I just didn’t want to get back to you ever again!

No I’m not writing to complain. I’m only upset because each happy memory with you is stained by all that separation bitterness. It’s such a shame cause my happiest moments so far have been my your side.


the one who can never forget you,

your ex